Pensioner meets IT expert who saved her life

Posted on Dec 3, 2013 in Latest News

Pensioner meets IT expert who saved her life

A pensioner who had a cardiac arrest has been reunited with the IT expert who responded to a 999 call and saved her life.

Daphne Muddiman, aged 63, from Gloucester Avenue, Delapre, Northampton, was discovered by her husband, Steve after he found her struggling to breathe in their bathroom.

He dialled 999 and started basic first aid but was immensely relieved when community first responder, Andy Simpson, arrived within four minutes.

Heart experts agree that survival chances decrease by 10 per cent with every minute between cardiac arrest and treatment. So the response time by Andy, whose paid job is owner of an IT company, is likely to have saved Mrs Muddiman’s life.

Andy, a South Northants Community First Response (CFR) volunteer, said: “We go to so many patients and it is nice to see the outcome and see them as well as Daphne is now. It was traumatic for Daphne and her husband but to see her in front of me looking forward to Christmas is fantastic.”

It is only recently that the Muddimans realised it was a volunteer who provided life-saving care on that day.

Steve said: “We thought the man who helped her was a paramedic. I wrote a letter to East Midlands Ambulance Service to say thank you for the amazing care and help Daphne received and they called me back to say it was, in fact, Andy Simpson, a volunteer who provided the life saving care.“

Since learning it was a CFR that saved her life, Daphne decided she wanted to meet Andy Simpson, group co-ordinator, to thank him in person. Mrs Muddiman said: “I got upset and there was a few tears but it was lovely”